About ZOMBS.io

Zombs io unblocked is a challenging zombies game with sandbox mode. It’s also inspired by Minecraft game. You will have to create a strong base, upgrade it with more defensive towers, place the gold stash and try to produce as many items as possible. It’s all for your survival against the zombies that are marching towards your base as soon as you finish the gold stash. Through each wave, they become much stronger, so you must purchase even more weapons to fight them off before they kill you. Zombs.io free game with tower defense element will bring you a brand new experience.

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse to collect resources, attack zombies and build stuff. Use the right mouse or press key Esc to unselect, key Q to change weapons, key B to enter the shop menu, and key P to enter the party menu.

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