About Tangies.io

By playing Tangies.io unblocked, you will know how great your avoiding and collecting skills are. Tangies.io game will be a good chance for you to test those skills when playing against enemies from around the world. The mission for you is to avoid the asteroids smashing your planet by running back and forth from the sides of the screen while attempting to compete against other players for the limited amount of resources dropping from the sky. You cannot interfere with them, but they will appear as ethereal ghosts. Quickly collect as many resources as possible before your enemies for a chance of winning. There are diverse upgrades from the sky too. You can use energy, fireball, shields, and invisibility to get through the challenges in the game, even though those upgrades last for a limited amount of time. Don’t forget to use your strategies to outplay all enemies! The last one remaining alive will become the winner and earn points based on how long they struggled to survive. Enjoy Tangies.io game free!

How to play

Move back and forth across the screen using the mouse. Jump with the left mouse button.

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