About Taaanks.io

Taaanks.io free online is a new multiplayer 2D real-time io game with battle royale concept. You can directly join the game free in your browser now for meeting new opponents and challenge them to crazy matches. In Taaanks.io unblocked, you have to survive all challenges as well as stay alive until you are the only winner on the battlefield, which is your main goal. When you spawn in the map, make your way through it carefully searching for loot boxes. In these boxes, you will find some ammo, weapons, mines, health kits, and many upgrade kits for your tank. You are provided with a ram when spawning, so use it wisely to smash the boxes and destroy all impediments. When you come across enemy tanks, aim and shoot them down then get their loot before they kill you. With only one life during the match, you must protect yourself at all costs if you want to win. Join Taaanks.io game now!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, use keys 1-5 to change your weapons, use the spacebar to shoot or use the items, press C to change between crafting and firing mode, use E to pick up an item, and press M to view the map.

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