About Swordz.io

Swordz.io is a great RPG based on Agario style. Explore the new Io game and show your all skills to eliminate as many enemies as possible. The main aim that you need to accomplish in the forthcoming free online multiplayer match is to turn yourself into the most powerful swordmaster! It is necessary to kill, survive, and gain the highest score before you complete that target.

It is currently available to play the Alpha version of Swordz.io! Other updates will come soon. Because the competition will be operated based on swords, you should not forget to pick up these weapons after you have been thrown into the arena. When you gear up enough, you will be able to rush into the conflict and defeat your opponents easier. Therefore, evade stronger rivals if you are not ready for survival. Aside from the normal moves in Swordz.io unblocked, you can release dashing whenever, especially if you want to escape. Further, your tool will grow longer in case you knock down Green with Red creatures. To increase your score and level up sooner, try to remove other players! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your movement, left click to attack, right mouse to boost speed

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