About is an addictive multiplayer HTML5 iO game available for the browser and Android app. Take control of a fidget spinner and compete against all opponents in the new arena. The winner will be the one who gathers the highest score.

Pick out one of the skins that you like most and you can play free online your way! Glowing gems should be collected to gain spinning speed and grow in size. It’s fun to smash into slower characters in unblocked! You can loot their progress. However, you do not ignore the presence of other rivals nearby. They can move faster and you will be eliminated if you cannot avoid their bump. To chase the target and escape, you are able to accelerate. If you are a newbie, please evade unnecessary conflict until you are fast enough! It’s time to experience and share the race with your friends! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your spinner’s movement, click to speed up

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