To kill enemies in unblocked, you have to stomp on them and make them lose their stars (size). Among io games online, game can be an outstanding title when it offers a unique gameplay. Rather than using the common fighting skills, now, you must perform your stomping ability if you want to conquer Stomped io free. When you encounter small enemies, try to squish them and make them lose all their stars. But for the big players, you should be careful when coming in contact with them because they can knock you back farther. But if you stomp them, you can only make them lose half their stars. Pick up all the stars dropped by your enemies to increase your size. Getting your size bigger is a big advantage for you. Don’t forget to use ledges to your advantage either! You have to outsmart all your enemies for a chance of reaching the top spot on the leaderboard. Have fun with it!

How to play

Control the movement of your jumper using the mouse. Pick up stars to grow bigger, click the mouse to smash attack and drop straight down. Take the stars of other players after stomping them and do not get stomped.

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