About is an attracting classic multiplayer .iO game that you should not ignore, especially if you are a loyal fan of the original. Hop into the new playfield set in the middle of a dangerous ocean along with tons of opponents throughout the real world. It is necessary for you to defeat all of these characters before you climb up to the highest position on the leaderboard. is an amusing action title unblocked, in which, you are forced to run away and dodge every deadly situation swiftly if you expect to become the best player. When you avoid attacks aimed at you, you will improve your own survival ability. They can projectiles which are fired by unknown online rivals. You’d better survive until you achieve your goal. Additionally, you do not skip big rings. They are scattered on the path and you can collect them for free to increase your score. It’s very easy to sprint whenever to escape or chase!

How to play

Control the mouse to move, click to sprint

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