What happens when meets Minecraft? It creates game that is free to play in browsers! Are you ready for this multiplayer io game with unique challenges and gameplay? You will join it to compete against enemies around the world. unblocked still leaves the gameplay of intact, the only difference is that now you are a snake moving around a big map eating lots of Minecraft blocks rather than colored orbs. These blocks are dispersed everywhere on the ground, so it will not be hard to find them. You should try to get a diamond block for the maximum number of points. As you collect Minecraft blocks, you will gain size, making your body longer and bigger. If enemies stand in your way, try to throw dynamite at them to blow them up while protecting yourself from their attacks. You aim to become the strongest snake on the leaderboard in free game. Have fun with it!

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate your snake through the arena. Use the left mouse to accelerate, the right mouse to throw TNT and Enter to chat.

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