About Shark

Eat your way up to the top of the scoreboard in Shark online! You will surely be a fan of this classic ocean io game as it features unique gameplay with great graphics. The game lets you play as a hungry shark swimming around an ocean to eat food. You can easily gobble up all the fish, plankton, and even the sharks that are smaller than you. As you eat them, your food chain will grow higher, making you a bigger shark through over time. You still need to be careful with the bigger sharks, though, otherwise, you will get eaten, causing your adventure to be over. Try to use your smart strategies to cope with them and stop them from eating you. Like other io games, especially, you also aim to become the biggest and strongest shark on the leaderboard to dominate the entire ocean arena in Shark game.

How to play

The mouse is used for moving your shark around the map. You must eat smaller sharks and other fishes to grow your body.

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