About is a fun MMO strategy iO game set in the Aagario style. It’s free for all to join the new match solo or with teammates. There are 4 different modes to choose from, including FFA, Dual, MegaSplit, and Instant. Each of them will bring back unique gaming experiences.

Play online and you will start off with a tiny cell. The goal is to become the biggest creature on the server. Before you achieve that target, you need to eat everything that you are allowed. The food will consist of the available orbs on the ground and smaller rivals. When you consume them, you can enlarge. In unblocked, it’s great to split. Similar to, you are able to divide much more. Be careful! Your pieces and the whole body can be swallowed if you cannot evade somebody nearby. Besides, it’s feasible to feed some allies. They will collect your pellets to grow larger and escape or counterattack. It is a dangerous arena. Therefore, try to seek proper tricks to survive and rank up always!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to navigate, Space to split, W to feed, double split with Q and divide the cell more with T

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