Rich City

About Rich City

Rich City is an addictive online strategy iO game. In which, you are required to survive a dangerous apocalypse at all costs. It is the most necessary key to become the winner and conquer the top spot.

Rich City is a scary place because it contains a lot of zombies. These monsters look like creatures in Play the new match free as an ordinary person you should evade those enemies for survival. If you let one of them grab or bite you, you will lose immediately. At the start of Rich City unblocked, you are able to purchase items from the shop and seek hiding spots. It is a good way to prepare for upcoming encounters. You will have more opportunities to stay alive and win. With 10 seconds left before the event activates, some characters will get sicks and they will belong to the undead faction. They will roam and spread the infection. To remove that, you need to buy weapons and work together with teammates. You can lock the doors while you have not earned enough money. Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to walk, B to buy items, LMB to control items, G to drop and E to collect

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