Ogre PVP

About Ogre PVP

Ogre PVP is a multiplayer strategy io game that you should explore. It is a crazy battlefield that you can see a lot of enemies appearing at the same time. If you want to become the best player, you should conquer every level before rivals.

Ogre PVP is free for all to play. It hides plenty of interesting upgrades. They are only unlocked once you progress successfully. They are important to improve your weapons. In other words, you are recommended to obtain those items as soon as possible. Along with your skills, they will help you take over the leader in Ogre PVP unblocked faster than expected. The gameplay is pretty simple to understand. Besides, controls are not hard to master. Start off with a little ogre, you’d better evade stronger competitors. Try to survive until you are confident enough to destroy the leader! Remember to gear up your character with an armor! It will block damage effectively. Good luck!

How to play

Use U to melee attack, I to choose the ranged weapon, O to take the armor, T to drop

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