Play 2d shooter for free and conquer the top spot as soon as possible! It is an interesting match in which you have to fight against a lot of aggressive enemies. Try to survive if you want to take over the leaderboard! So, it is necessary to avoid all of the deadly attacks before they cause damage to you!

Once you get entry to online, you will be required to pick up dust quickly. Otherwise, you will be shot and eliminated. Actually, you should collect bullets which are scattered across the map and always available. They belong to a unique system that turns them into your weapon. Not only that, the ammo will become the shield which allows you to block. Before you fire, you do not forget to aim carefully. However, you can also go melee if you have not had anything in hands. Come to unblocked you must maintain your HP. Aside from the simple 2d graphics, you can unlock plenty of upgrades. They consist of many different skins. It is currently gettable on desktop and mobile platforms. Choose the room you like and start now!

How to play

Use WASD to roam, left click to shoot

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