About is a challenging game with the battle royale concept. It takes all players to the same lobby and when they are ready, they must reach the main map to begin the battle. Like other previous games, you need to scavenge for weapons, loot items, collect resources and build stuff for your survival. You have to use your resources to make a base for yourself, farm more materials as well as get better weapons so you can kill your enemies – the ones that share the same goal with you. Try your hardest to dish out a lot of damage to them before they attack you. Watch out for your surroundings as well as always have some strategies ready to deal with tough situations. To become the ultimate survivor in unblocked, you have to surpass all challenges that the game throws you in using your excellent skills. Can you make it to the end? Play it now!

How to play

Use E/F to interact with items, chests and cars. Use the left mouse to fire, press Q to toggle build mode to build walls, press the spacebar for jumping, use Shift to sprint, use R to reload weapons, use M for the map, use number keys 1-6 to change guns, and you can click the gun and move it where you want.

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