About Inky

Be an aggressive and inky snake in another snake io game called Inky! You can play it for free in browsers to compete against new enemy snakes from around the world. Inky unblocked will definitely take the Slither Style game genre to the next level. You are now a snake with ink wandering around a big map to increase your mass. To do this, you must gobble up colored dots that are dispersed on the ground. When you eat them, you will realize how bigger you are! If you want to kill enemies, you must make them run into your body using your tricks or any strategies you know. They will meet their end once their bodies come in contact with yours. Similarly, you have to protect your snake from running into them, otherwise, this will end your game. Like, you aim to get honored on the leaderboard in Inky free game. Much fun!

How to play

The mouse is used for moving your snake around the map. Use the left mouse button to go at full speed.

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