Happy Snakes

About Happy Snakes

One of the best ways to relax and wipe your stress away is to play Happy Snakes online โ€“ a game like Slither.io! Rather playing as a common snake, now, you become a cute snake with a happy face in this game title. Prepare your skills for Happy Snakes unblocked! You will confront many snakes around the world. They are enemies that must be defeated. You have to eat lots of glowing dots that are dispersed on the ground to increase your size. A bigger size will help you beat other snakes more easily. You can use your big body to encircle around them, or use the fast maneuvers with crazy speed boosts to bypass and cut them off. Protect yourself from them at the same time! The longer you survive, the higher the rank you can reach, making you the biggest and the happiest snake in the arena. Play Happy Snakes for free! Much fun!

How to play

Use the mouse for the movement, and click the left mouse to boost speed.

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