About Gunfu

Gunfu unblocked is a free shooting game where your main objective is to shoot all enemies to become the best shooter. Can you take on all of them with your excellent shooting ability and prove the world who the best one is? Now, give GunFu free game a try! When you step into the arena of the game, you have to make use of your basic weapons to dish out damage to the opponents within one session. As you pick up kills, you will have a higher score as well as access to new advanced weapons. Using better weapons helps you defeat enemies much easier. Feel free to use a shotgun, a sniper rifle, heavy machinery, and many other weapons. There is one big challenge here as well, which is that you have to protect yourself from the bullets of enemies. Because every time you die, you will be re-spawned to level 0. Try to advance your levels by gaining enough kills and you will become the best player of all in GunFu game. Much fun!

How to play

Move and navigate your character using the mouse. Use the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse to dash, and the mouse to choose and browse through various weapons at each level.

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