About Ducklings

Get ready to save as many ducklings as possible in a fun crowd-building game called Ducklings! You play the role of a duck in this fun multiplayer io title and your mission is to save ducklings then group them together to create a crowd. The gameplay of Ducklings unblocked is pretty much the same as and, right? However, it still offers a brand new experience. You tactically swim around the map full of ducklings and quickly save them all. On your way, there are many reckless boats that you must avoid. They can deal damage to you if you touch them. Not only the boats, but you also have to watch out for other players with bigger crowds of ducks. They can attack your crowd, take your ducks, and eliminate them from the arena. Make sure you have some strategies to deal with them as well as stop them from defeating you. Don’t forget to improve your home by getting more ducklings and obtain the best-looking nest in the pond. Come play Ducklings game for free to experience it all!

How to play

Direct the movement of your ducklings using the mouse, keyboard, and joypad.

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