About Draw.io

Draw.io is a free and new racing iO game for all. Enter a crazy multiplayer competition online and paint as many areas as possible! Are you willing to repaint the map and occupy the largest territory?

Draw.io unblocked is not a title about drawing and guessing like skribbl.io. Actually, you will use the same tool to achieve your goal. Play a competitive match with other strong opponents and try to control your brush skillfully! It will help you capture unknown zones and neighbors. Aside from moving around and taking over the target realms, you should not let anybody attack you. Staying alive at the end of Draw.io is one of the keys to conquering the leaderboard. Therefore, you are recommended to survive until you win. Power-ups scattered across the playfield are helpful to increase your winning ability. Pick them up and you can experience the effect that they give without difficulty!

How to play

Use the mouse button to draw and capture areas

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