About Crowded

Crowded game is free for all people throughout the real world to explore! It is also available on the app store aside from the desktop platform. It will lead you to a strange place in which you can take part in an intense adventure along with a lot of rivals at once. Before you become the top player, you do not forget to collect the most zombies.

How? It is very simple to roam around the map unblocked of Crowded and bite humans with teeth or grab them with hands. It is extremely easy to approach grey persons and attack those neutral victims. Meanwhile, you can distinguish your enemies by looking at their skin color. It is possible to evade opponents at the start of crowd city online. But, note that you can kill minions of somebody without difficult. Even, you are allowed to turn the leader into your follower. Attempt to survive and build up the largest team ever! Play and conquer the leaderboard now!

How to play

Use the mouse to control the crowd

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