About is an extremely enjoyable 3D multiplayer Io game. Play online directly with no download and compete with multiple opponents throughout the real world. Become a zombie at the start and you need to finish your simple objective as soon as possible – to bite or grab as the most humans in the shortest time. Aside from that, you do not forget to attack other monsters if you want to be the winner in unblocked. When you kill somebody or loot members from rival’s groups, you have already had more chances to own a bigger team and climb up to a higher position on the leaderboard. Note that your hunger is not limited!

So, you can eat whatever you are allowed when you participate in that dangerous crowd city. Not only that, you will be able to upgrade your player and boost stats for free when you progress. There are many different characters and models waiting for you to unlock. Are you ready to turn into the most powerful corpse? Join and remember to share with friends!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor and left mouse button to move your zombie

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