Crowd City

About Crowd City

Crowd City by Voodoo is a famous crowd-building game that is free and playable in browsers now. Join this awesome online game with friends around the world then see if you can dominate the arena. The aim of Crowd City Voodoo game is to gain power by inviting lots of people to join your group. They are everywhere in the city, so move carefully around the city hunting for them more. You will gradually make your crowd bigger through over time by converting more followers to your cause. Be careful with other players who have the same task as you. They can attack and take more followers from you. Make use of your strategies to get an upper hand on them, take their followers, then stop them from killing you. The longer you survive, the higher the chance to win. You must climb the leaderboard, take over the top place and build the biggest crowd of people in the city. Play Crowd City free online!

How to play

Move your crowd around the city using the mouse.

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