Play unblocked at school a new iO game and become the strongest monster! Start off with a cat and you should evolve as fast as possible! It will help you take over the top spot and turn into the King.

When multiplayer HTML5 online runs, you should explore the area and find food. Eating will allow you to grow bigger and increase your own XP. The score is important to level up and unlock the other species. When you progress, you will have the chance to learn more abilities, for example, lunge or speed up. Aside from the available resource, you can hunt weaker players in 3D free. To capture somebody, you’d better bite him from behind. Remember that you cannot kill him if you attack him in the front! Therefore, you are advised to keep an eye on your tail always. Are you ready to master the entire evolution system? Much fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct, Q-w-e to select abilities

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