About Crazy

Crazy is a fun and new Agario style iO game. Enter a dangerous arena set in space and take control of a galaxy. Like the original, you need to become the biggest player as soon as possible. The highest mass that you collect will allow you to occupy the top spot and be the King.

Before you witness another Big Bang, you should complete the most important objective in Crazy unblocked. It is related to eating. In fact, you will have to consume tons of special food after you embark on your adventure. Play Crazy free and you are competing against lots of enemies online. You must grow bigger than your competitors. Red asteroids are useful for you to speed up while stars will help you enlarge. Remember to capture smaller planetary bodies on the path to get larger faster! When you devour somebody, you are also stronger. Learn about the rules and conquer the leaderboard now!

How to play

Press Space to accelerate, hold Left mouse and drag it to move your galaxy

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