About is a classic team-based RPG iO game that is free for all to access. It is about fun and intense multiplayer match. To become the top commander, you’d better build the strongest army and capture the largest territory before rivals.

Engage in the challenge in online with no account registration and it’s easy to pick out the mode you love. Enter the room that you want and you can show up your skills your way. Aside from claiming the neighbor’s castles, you can occupy opponents’ leaders and conquer their entire land. To win in unblocked, you should defend your most important position. Otherwise, you will be eliminated soon. With units you receive at the start, you need to learn how to play your resources wisely. Although it is a fast-paced battle, you will have enough time to react and seek appropriate strategies. Keep calm and manage everything well!

How to play

Use WASD to move, 1 to set up a castle, 2 to drop bombs, Q to remove moves, E to delete the last one, Shift to split the troop, Left mouse to choose tiles

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