About ClashBlade.IO

ClashBlade.IO is a cool style io game available on desktop and mobile. It’s free for Android and iOS users to download on smartphones and more! Compete against multiple enemies from around the world and complete all of the challenges before other rivals to dominate the leaderboard!

Play ClashBlade.IO unblocked online and you should gather orbs scattered across the map to increase your EXP. It’s recommended to collect as many as possible to level up sooner! It means that you will have the chance to grow stronger and rank up. Try to earn more points and even gold coins! The money is useful for you to unlock and gain upgrades. However, you will move slowly when you hit the next stage. But, you can attack many more competitors when your sword gets longer and bigger. Are you ready to take part in the arena and conquer the top spot? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to roam and control items

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