About is a style multiplayer game including many unique features and zombies. Play a survival horror adventure with lots of people on a strange map and become the best Miner as soon as possible! It is a large cave which is full of ores. They will bring back tons of valuable resources if you mine them. Note that gathering Gold will help you buy upgrades and rank up faster. Before you join fights online against your rivals, you should craft weapons like swords, arrows, bows, armor, TNT, and so on.

It’s exciting to set a farm, build bases, and sell items when you engage in unblocked! The shop will be the location that you can choose and acquire turrets, vault doors, barriers. They are effective to defend materials from robbers. Enchantment is a special part of To enchant something, you have to gain enough XP generated with the mob spawners. Further, you can free team up with some people to create a party. Good luck!

How to play

Press WASD keys to roam, Left click to select items, break blocks, place blocks, shoot arrows, hit, drink, throw TNT, equip armor
Use Right mouse or Space to detonate TNT, E to craft, Shift to sneak, Q or Q+Shift to drop
Choose Right-click or Space on the enchantment table to enchant objects

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