Buzzy Bees

About Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees is a free multiplayer strategy iO game about animals. However, you can find some similarities to previous titles. The main aim is to become the best commander. Before you achieve the target, you’d better build up the biggest and strongest hive ever. It is also a way to play down every opponent and dominate the leaderboard.

Buzzy Bees introduces a cool online competition in which every player will have to gather as much pollen as possible. It is the primary material to make bases. It is the basic job that you are required to implement after you embark on Buzzy Bees unblocked. Although it looks simple to complete, you do not forget that you can be attacked while roaming. Don’t worry! Supervise everybody nearby and dodge their shots for survival! Besides, you are able to do the same for them. There is a shop and it will offer lots of upgrades to boost your ranks. Let’s join the match and seek all proper tactics now!

How to play

Use the mouse button to control items or shoot, B to open the store, T to find teams

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