About a new interesting iO game is ready to bring a great classic-themed match. To become the winner in the upcoming racing, you need to eliminate ghosts with rivals and collect the top score. Your player is red while the opponents are green. At the starting screen, you can recognize the form of free power-ups. They will appear on the map at random. You’d better pick them up to get an edge over the enemy.

Play unblocked with multiple people from around the world you can use bombs to remove them. Like Bomberman, you are recommended to plant these weapons smartly. In fact, they will cause damage or even kill you immediately if you do not run away from every explosion promptly. You must survive at all costs before you occupy the leaderboard. Meanwhile, they are excellent at demolishing obstacles and make special objects pop up. Open the room you want and embark on your competition right now! Good luck!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to walk around the map, quotes to check the scoreboard, Esc to open the menu

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