About is a fun Battle Royale iO game free for all ages to play. Similar to the target of the classic original, you should become the biggest fox on the server. Growing in size will improve your ranks and help you defeat the leader.

Before you occupy the position that you expect, you need to get entry to unblocked. It shows a cool match in which you will see lots of competitors. They have the same goal. Therefore, they will be your enemies. Right from the start of online, you are recommended to find food. Try to eat as many fruits as possible to increase your XP! Especially, you will gain more scores when you capture smaller creatures. Be careful! Do not let any dangerous foes chase behind! Holes can teleport you to another place immediately to escape. They are actually effective. Level up and you will enlarge. Unfortunately, it will be harder to search for resources. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to navigate your fox

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