About unblocked is an amazing ocean game where every player starts as a small angle fish queen roaming the ocean to hunt for foods. free online is the same as in terms of gameplay, but instead of taking place on a large map, now it will let you swim through waters. You have to absorb as many foods scattered around the ocean as possible to create a large army of fishes for yourself. Keep your army expand in size through over time for a higher chance of dominating the ocean. When you come across enemies with smaller groups, you need to absorb them to grow your army’s size. But make sure you stay away from the ones with bigger groups, otherwise, your fishes will be eaten. The main goal here is to top the leaderboard and turn your fish army into the biggest army on the server. Much fun with it!

How to play

Click the left mouse to attack enemies, click the right mouse to merge your fish, hold it to devour, and zoom with the mouse wheel scroll.

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