About is a 2D shooter game which is placed in a chaotic world. Engage in an online multiplayer match and try to defeat as many rivals as possible! The main aim will focus on increasing your swarm size. If you have the most units, you will quickly occupy the top spot. After you set your nickname and enter, your tank will appear and you can move to wherever you want. You must perform carefully because lots of enemies are existing around your spot and they can drain your energy easily.

In unblocked, growing in power and number will influence the final result. You can improve that by shooting projectiles at your opponents. When you upgrade your strength, it means that your victim is getting weaker. Aside from these targets, you are allowed to farm available dots for free! Always keep an eye on everything strange nearby or you can be killed!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to aim, Left mouse or Space bar to shoot, WASD or Arrows to move

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